About Us

We are a local Bay Area small business bakery!

A fresh and local bakery

The Kibler Elf prides themselves on using only the best ingredients. We try and source as many products from Bay Area based companies, but you can 100% guarantee that everything is made in our kitchens.

Coffee Bean

local cocoa Beans

All of our chocolate varieties come from a San Francisco based company called Guittard

Coffee Bean

Artisanal flours

We use high quality artisnal flours from King Arthur Baking Company

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

Everything is made in house from our fillings to our doughs

We Serve Delicious pastries

The Kibler Elf prides themselves on using the freshest ingredients when making their tasty treats. From using local high-quality chocolate to freshly stone-ground flours, you are sure to taste the difference!

Chocolate Varieties

Flour varieties

Our Gallery

View some of our favorite treats that come out of our kitchen.

Our Story

One by one restaurants were closing, and it was only time before the establishment I was working at would be affected next. Days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Not knowing when, or if, I would be able to return to work I decided to make delicious pastries on my own!

Our Team

Right now our team is comprised of just one fabulous and talented individual, Monica. From producing all of your treats to answering emails or fixing the website, she does it all!

              monica kibler

monica kibler

Owner & Pastry Chef


Monica Kibler is a pastry chef from Palo Alto, California. She graduated from pastry school in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2015 receiving honors and an Associate of Arts degree. She then proceeded to attend business school in San Diego, California and graduated with her Bachelor of Sciences in 2018.

Kibler has worked at Michelin Star establishments such as Madera, a Rosewood property here in Menlo Park, CA and Protégé, owned and operated by previous French Laundry Chef’s and Sommelier in Palo Alto, CA.

In addition, she has spent time in Florence, Italy team managing a restaurant while exploring the culinary scene. For three years she has taken the time to be a part of the pastry team for the August National Master’s Tournament in August, Georgia.