About Us

We are a local small business bakery located in Palo Alto, CA!

The Kibler Elf was born during 2020. We currently operate out of a commercial kitchen and under cottage law (home kitchen). We sell at 4 farmers markets weekly, 8 grocery stores, 1 coffee shop, and attend events throughout the year.

Our Specialties

Coffee Cake

Our signature coffee cake is what we are most known for. We offer 6 flavors year round and offer additional seasonal flavors. Our coffee cakes can be found at local grocery stores in the Bay Area.

Custom Sugar Cookies

Our custom sugar cookies is what Monica has a lot of fun with. She can create custom cookie sets to match your a party occasion or theme.

Custom Cupcakes & Cakes

Custom cupcakes and cakes are an additional service we offer. We make everything in house fro the cake, fillings, and buttercream. (Also why it is more expensive then your grocery stores).

About Monica

Monica Kibler is a pastry chef from Palo Alto, California. She graduated from pastry school in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2015 receiving honors and an Associate of Arts degree. She then proceeded to attend business school in San Diego, California and graduated with her Bachelor of Sciences in 2018.

Kibler has worked at Michelin Star establishments such as Madera, a Rosewood property here in Menlo Park, CA and Protégé, owned and operated by previous French Laundry Chef’s and Sommelier in Palo Alto, CA.

In addition, she has spent time in Florence, Italy team managing a restaurant while exploring the culinary scene. For three years she has taken the time to be a part of the pastry team for the August National Master’s Tournament in August, Georgia.

              monica kibler

monica kibler

Owner & Pastry Chef

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